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The first simulation of italian billiard, with five skittles, goriziana, boccette and carom...



Name: Biliardo
Version: 1.2
Date: 27-07-2000
Languages: Italian
Platform: MS DOS DOS


IMPORTANT: This version is outdated. Please download the new version:

Biliardo 2 Biliardo 2

If you are interested in the old version, it is available for download here.



This is a simulation of billiard with six different types of pool games, just like 5 Skittles, Goriziana, Boccette and Carom (these are the most common pool games in Italy). For every shot you can set up direction, speed and effect. Moreover the program can draw the trajectories of all the balls before the shot, so you can make practice with the movement of the balls. Every shot then, can be see again thanks to a replay function with various speeds.



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What's new in the version 1.2

The game is now FREEWARE, that it means it's completely free. There's been a little improvement in the graphics, now the balls look with a 3D effect. Moreover, at the first execution of the program, it asks to chose the language (italian or english), one time you have saved the settings the program won't ask you no more.


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