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Biliardo 2

The new version of the first italian billiard videogame with plenty of new features...



Name: Biliardo
Version: 2.2
Date: 19-03-2002
Languages:: Italian
License: Freeware
Platform:: Windows Windows (DirectX)
Graphics: Francesco Schiumerini


Recommended download:
(Requires DirectX drivers)

Windows Windows Version (867 kB)

Download Download Biliardo from Server 1
Download Download Biliardo from Server 2

Other downloads:

MS DOS DOS Version (770 kB)

Download Download Biliardo from Server 1
Download Download Biliardo from Server 2



A simulation of various billiard games, with lots of features. The available games are: 5 Pins, Goriziana, Bowls, Carom (normal, 1 cushion and 3 cushion) and 3 Balls. These are the billiard games most played in Italy and other countries. The game provides a complete documentation about the games, in case you don't know the rules. The physic engine is very realistic, you can perform any kind of shot (even parabolic ones) and you can also change the table temperature. The user interface is friendly and simple to use and has two game themes (classic and pub-like). The game has many other features: training mode, replay and undo of last shot, detailed game statistics reports, sound effects and music.



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